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Attic Insulation in Greater Mount Pleasant 

A properly air sealed and insulated attic will improve comfort and efficiency for the whole home. This blown in insulation is a great solution!
A properly air sealed and insulated attic will improve comfort and...

Blown cellulose is a wonderful material that can fill in and cover the entire attic. No more fiberglass batts that lose their shape and do not reach the necessary R-Value for optimal comfort and efficiency.
Finished project with cap and sealants. Now the attic will no longer be the source of energy waste and uncomfortable temperatures.
Here's a look at how we air seal around the edges of the can light cover. This helps reduce air leaks!
We place can light covers in your attic and seal around the edges to decrease the air leaks and drafts in your home!
Here's a look at how we're beginning to fill in these air leakage points to improve the attic's energy efficiency.

Blow-in or blown fiberglass insulation is a good choice when insulating your attic. A special machine shreds the fiberglass and then blows it through an application hose to properly cover and insulate the space. Dr. Energy Saver can provide blown cellulose, blown fiberglass, fiberglass batts or denim batts for different applications.

Upgrading attic insulation is a VERY popular energy-saving improvement because more energy (and money!) is lost through the attic than through any other part of the house.

What makes matters worse is improperly or poorly installing inadequate attic insulation. Existing attic insulation in many homes may be as minimal as R-19-- which pales in comparison to the recommended R-value!

Going through a cold winter with so little insulation is like wearing a t-shirt in a snowstorm. What your house really needs is the equivalent of a thick down-filled parka.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends between R-49 and R-60 of attic insulation in Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, and other areas. That's at least a 16-in.-thick blanket of fiberglass insulation!

Contact us today to schedule your free home energy audit to identify where your home is in need of more insulation. Our audit also diagnoses the other energy issues in your home-- which may be the larger factors in your home's high utility bills and discomfort.

We offer Free Estimates for attic insulation in Greenville, Midland, Muskegon, Saginaw, Big Rapids, Bay City, Mount Pleasant, Freeland, Alma, Montrose, Birch Run, Sanford, Essexville, Saint Louis , and the neighboring locations. We also offer a unique system called the SuperAttic™ System, which adds a continuous & airtight layer of foam insulation beneath the attic rafters and inside the attic's gable walls.

Insulating your attic to recommended levels can cut heating and cooling costs by 20% or more.

If inadequate attic insulation is costing you money,
Dr. Energy Saver can help.

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Proper Attic Insulation
Saves Money

The experts on the Tom & Larry's Excellent Home Energy Savings Show talk about the right way to insulate an attic, and what insulating the attic means for your home in energy savings and money savings all year round!


Air Sealing Goes Alongside Attic Insulation

New Insulation installed in Big Rapids attic

Baffles keep ventilation channels open. Plastic spacers are installed between rafters in the attic to maintain a vent space beneath the roof surface after new insulation is installed.

Air sealing is a critical step when insulating an attic because sealing air leaks stops conditioned interior air from leaking into the attic. Dr. Energy Saver uses a variety of materials and techniques to stop this energy-wasting air leakage.

Installing baffles ensures proper attic ventilation. Sized to fit between the rafters in the attic, plastic baffles maintain a ventilation space between the attic's soffit vents (located along the eaves) and the ridge vent. Installing baffles before adding more attic insulation helps avoid damage from ice damming and excess moisture.

Old insulation can be reused, most of the time. As long as the existing insulation is not wet, moldy or overly compressed, it can usually be put back into place after the attic has been air-sealed and before new insulation is installed.

Start Saving Energy and Money With An Attic Insulation Upgrade.

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Be sure to check out our specialized SuperAttic™ System for continuous & airtight coverage.

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