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As your locally trusted Dr. Energy Saver, we assume full responsibility for improving the comfort and energy efficiency of homes in our area!

Our training, experience and access to the industry's finest tools and products provide us with all we need to exceed your expectations for your home. 

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Contact us today to schedule a Free home energy audit to identify those energy hogs in your home! We also offer Free Estimates for all of our services, from spray foam insulation to air sealing, duct repair, replacement windows, and more! We service throughout Central Michigan including Saginaw, Muskegon, Bay City, Midland, Mount Pleasant, Big Rapids, Greenville, Alma, Freeland, Essexville, Birch Run, Saint Louis, Montrose, Sanford, and the surrounding cities and towns.

Save Energy and Live More Comfortably

Everyday we help local residents, like you, save energy and money on a more comfortable home! Here's how it starts. We perform a home energy audit and hear your concerns, we then are able to pinpoint the exact sources of trouble and recommend the most effective remedies.

Here are just a few signs or symptoms that you may be noticing in your home. You're not alone and they will get fixed with our help!

We can help! Contact us today and we will have your home more comfortable and efficient in no time.

Not All Windows Are the Same

As your local energy efficient window installer, we pride ourselves in providing more than just a pretty window. Unfortunately, some customers have us take a look at beautiful new windows that have not be air sealed or are improperly insulated. We, however, make sure to utilize our energy and comfort knowledge when installing each window, which prevents having drafts with new windows! 

It's our job to provide solutions that affect your entire home, that's why our home energy audit is so vital. We pinpoint the problems and can provide the right solutions! 

Benefits of Our Insulation 

Injection Foam Insulation in Central MI

We insulate wall cavities with injection foam, which can even be used to cover old fiberglass batt insulation.

We are proud to use some of the finest insulation products on the market because our customers deserve the best! When we recommend basement, wall or attic insulation, we know what insulation to use and where it will do the best job in your home. Whether Nu-Wool cellulose, Tripolymer injection foam, Lapolla polyurethane foam or another great product, rest assured that it will solve the problem!

Unfortunately, we have found some homes with a lower R-Value of insulation, which has contributed to the discomfort they experience. The Department of Energy recommends that a Michigan home should have between R-38 and R-60 insulation in the attic. We will make sure this and other requirements are met!

Many times a home will not even be insulated because a previous installer couldn't reach a certain area or didn't have the proper material. We will make sure to insulate all those hard to reach places with the best insulation available.

Free Estimates for home insulation and energy efficient windows!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you live in a more comfortable and efficient home. We offer a Free Estimate for our services including home insulation; duct cleaning, sealing and repair; and window and door installation in Midland, Saginaw, Big Rapids, Bay City, Greenville, Muskegon, Mount Pleasant, Birch Run, Saint Louis, Alma, Sanford, Essexville, Montrose, Freeland, Chesaning, Howard City, Piconning, Shepherd, Frankenmuth, and more! We also offer a home energy audit to find the exact causes and solutions for your concerns with your home's comfort and efficiency.

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